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COIL CON presents the OHIO GI JOE SHOW – 2019 12″ Exclusive Figure



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We are currently working on all new exclusives for the 10th Annual COIL Con - OHIO Joe Show! This year we will have modern 4" exclusives and a vintage 12" figure! Our first reveal is our 12" Exclusive figure: Weaponsmith! Weaponsmith is a character that premiered in Action Force Monthly #9 - Diamond Lies (reprinted as GI JOE European Missions #9). He was hired by COBRA to retrieve a new weapon, the Stonekiller, for Serpentor. Weaponsmith captures Cover Girl and completes the Stonekiller weapon. In the issue, Weaponsmith is presumed dead in an explosion from an RPG. We first did a modern 4" Weaponsmith way back in 2014 for COIL Con V that told the story of Weaponsmith surviving the explosion. This 12" version is based on his appearance in Action Force Monthly #9. Parts to make this one-of-a-kind exclusive come from Cotswold Collectibles, Loucoporbonecos, and Quartermaster's Depot. Be sure to get your 12" Weaponsmith at the show!