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With all of the choices of G.I. Joe Facebook Groups out there, why should you follow the COIL?  Sure, there are bigger groups, but we are not designed to compete with them. Sites like GeneralsJoes, YoJoe, JoeBattlelines, and HissTank, as well as the numerous Facebook groups and local show do what they do very well and we often share information and news with those sites, but our goal is to carry on the tradition. We are NOT a news site (although we do break some news from time to time), rather we are a site where people come to discuss the hobby and share good times with each other.   It is the family atmosphere where the COIL gives you a superior experience versus other regional shows. Meet your fellow collectors at one of our get together/cookouts! Keep up to date with our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. Just like G.I. Joe, the COIL is THERE!   No other regional site has been the focus of breaking news as the COIL has been over the past few years. With content that is updated daily; an interface that is crisp, clean, and bright; with members who are knowledgeable, friendly, open, and recognized community leaders; following a solid, proven plan for growth and and our continued stance on improving your local networking experience, HANDS DOWN, no group in the Midwest beats The COIL.