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COILCon III was our biggest convention yet with several hundred attendees and special guests Robert Atkins and Fred Doss. COILCon III saw the premier of Episode I of G.I. Joe: Initiate. The convention attendee exclusives soared to new heights, courtesy of two very cool gliders and pilot figures. Zilant and Dodger (along with their foam gliders) came in a custom designed box with vintage-themed box art. These exclusives were very well received by convention attendees and many people were left wondering: "How can they top this?" As much fun as we all had in 2012 at COILCon III, we're sure to have even more fun next year! Check out some pictures from the 2012 show. COIL Con 2012 Exclusives 2012 Boxed Exclusives Gyre Viper Viper 2012 Line 2012 Fans 2012 First three years