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Starting off as a blind thread on JoeDeclassified, "What's on JOE Mind?" has become the web's #1 AND longest running round-table discussion format podcast dedicated to the world of G.I. Joe.  Catch us weekly, as we discuss the major news and discussion topics of the week.  We also invite in "Joe Celebrities" for interviews and to join in the discussion.  Complete with weekly segments, the goal is to bring all aspects of the hobby straight to you via your MP3 player.  It's Joe meeting Sports Talk Radio. 

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The show is interactive, so email us , call/txt us at 1-262-515-WOJM (9656), "LIKE" us on Facebook or find the host's Twitter feeds below:


Mike - aka Beach-Head - @mikeirizarry1

Justin - aka General Hawk - @generalsjoes

Gary - aka cmderinchief - @garygodsoe