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Our COIL Con exclusive set is "Scarab Strikes!"  The COIL is in disarray after the death of the COIL emperor. Without a leader, a power struggle has enveloped the organization. Scarab, a Field Commander in charge of the COIL Sidewinders, has stepped forward to stake her claim as the new COIL leader. Scarab claims that her family lineage goes back to Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. With the deceased COIL emperor being composed of DNA including Caesar and Alexander the Great (Cleopatra’s brother), Scarab feels she is heir to the emperor and the rightful leader of the COIL.  To prove her claims, Scarab has recruited three COIL Sidewinder Troopers and her most loyal Sidewinder Officer to steal the Ma’at Scarab box. Inside holds ancient scrolls validating the lineage of Scarab and fulfilling her right to claim leadership of the COIL.  The COIL Con 9 exclusive 3 3/4” “vintage style” o-ring figure set includes the first ever figure of Scarab, Field Commander of the Sidewinders, one COIL Sidewinder Officer, and THREE (3) COIL Sidewinder Troopers. The figure set can be purchased carded on resealable clamshells so that you can display your figures and display them carded whenever you likeor you can purchase a loose figure set. This year’s set features all new card art by John Jett.