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2019 COIL Con Contest Rules

Custom Figure/Diorama Contest: You must be a paid attendee at the convention in order to enter. Please show your paid admission bracelet when submitting your entry. There are no content restrictions, but your entry should be in good taste (no nudity, blood, gore, profanity). This is a family-friendly event and there will be children present. All contest entries will be judged by the COIL Con staff. There is a limit of 2 entries per contest. All contest winners will be awarded a vendor room gift certificate that can be redeemed with any vendor at the show. Set up time for all entries is 9:00am-12:00pm Saturday, October 20. Judging begins promptly at 12:00pm. Winners will be announced at 2:00pm in the auditorium. Please do not remove your entries until after the winners have been announced. COIL Con reserves the right to remove any entry that is deemed unsuitable for a family-friendly event. Custom Figure Contest restrictions: Contest is limited to one figure or figure group per entry. Teams and squads will be judged as ONE entry. Any scale figures are eligible (3 3/4", 6 inch, 12 inch, Funko Pop, etc). All genres are also eligible (GI Joe, superhero, anime, etc). Prizes: TBD Diorama Contest restrictions: Each entry has a limited space of up to 24" x 24". If your diorama is larger than the space allowed, you may not be able to enter it. Prizes: TBD    Costume Contest: The costume contest will be held at 2:00 in the auditorium. Costumes will be judged by the audience. All costumes must be in good taste. People may cosplay throughout the day. If wearing multiple costumes, please be sure to wear the costume you want judged at 2:00 in the auditorium. Prizes: TBD